Compared to other more traditional Linux distributions, FydeOS has special requirements for graphics drivers. This means that FydeOS can only be run on a limited number of compliant PC devices.

There are currently three variants of FydeOS for PC, namely:

  • Devices with Intel CORE Series 3rd to 7th generation processors and Intel HD series integrated graphics (codenamed amd64-fydeos)
  • Devices with Intel CORE Series 8th to 13th generation processors and Intel Iris Xe series integrated graphics (codename amd64-fydeos_iris)
  • Devices with Intel or AMD processors and AMD Radeon series discrete or integrated graphics (codename amd64-fydeos_apu)

If your device fits any of the above description, downloading the appropriate variant and follow the instructions to prepare a bootable USB drive. FydeOS will most likely be able to boot properly and run additional features such as the Android subsystem and Linux subsystem.

FydeOS (and its predecessor project Chromium OS) differs from other traditional Linux distributions in that its highly optimised and browser-integrated graphics stack (including the underlying graphics driver, hardware acceleration module and user-state window manager module) have unique implementations and provides FydeOS with a higher performance and user experience while limiting compatibility with hardware.

If for any reason you find that FydeOS does not work on your computer and you need help, please post a request for help in the FydeOS Community with as much detail as possible about your configuration and we and our community of enthusiasts and our customer service team will help you as soon as possible.

If you want to experience FydeOS at its best, try FydeOS for You.