We recommend using to burn the SD card. Etcher is a tool software that helps users quickly burn image files to USB devices or flash memory cards, and can be used in various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and mainstream Linux versions. The software is beautifully designed and the interface is friendly, I believe you will be familiar with its simple trilogy operation immediately:


You can download the etcher installation package for Windows, macOS or Linux from .

In addition, you need to prepare a USB disk above 8G and insert it into your computer. Please note that all data on this disk will be erased, so please do a good job of data backup in advance.

Please download the image file of the corresponding version of FydeOS for PC on our download page. After the download is complete, you will see an .xz file. No need to unzip and rename, please open the image file directly with the etcher; next, please select the USB disk that will be used to burn FydeOS; finally, you only need to click the "Flash!" Button, and the etcher will handle the rest for you Thing!

After everything is completed, you can remove the USB card and insert it into your PC, restart the computer, and configure your PC to boot through the USB storage medium to enjoy the new browsing experience brought by FydeOS.