If your device has sufficient RAM and ample disk space (we recommend at least 8GB of RAM and 100GB of free disk space), you can try running the Steam gaming platform on FydeOS. There are two ways to run Steam on FydeOS:

  • You can activate the Linux subsystem and install the Linux version of the Steam client in the Linux subsystem. To do this, open https://store.steampowered.com/about/ in your browser, download the correct version of the Steam client deb file, and complete the installation to use Steam.
  • You can enable the Borealis component included with FydeOS and use the experimental Proton technology to run the Steam client and play Windows platform games. Currently, Borealis only supports certain FydeOS variants, and there are requirements for the system configuration and the version number of FydeOS. For more details, please see this KB article.