After booting from a USB storage drive, make sure that FydeOS is compatible enough on your PC device to your satisfactory. To utilise the full functionality of FydeOS you will need to install FydeOS to your hard drive due to the limited i/o speed of the USB media.

We currently offer two installation options, a full disk installation or a multi-boot installation with another operating system. Once you have finished testing FydeOS on the USB stick, you can download the “Installer” app from the “FydeOS Web Store” > “Made by FydeOS”. In the “Installer”, select “Full-disk installation” and the appropriate drive to perform a full disk installation. You can also do a full disk installation by using the commandline.

For a multi-boot installation with other operating systems, please refer to this tutorial. It is important to emphasise that these tutorials assume that you are not new to the day-to-day operation of multiple operating systems and have a minimum level of familiarity. If you find these tutorials difficult to understand, please seek the help of a friend or go to the FydeOS Community for help. If you are not sure, please do not continue.

From FydeOS v12 onwards, the installation wizard is now available right from the first boot, you can follow the on-screen instructions to install FydeOS on your device’s hard drive.