FydeOS aims to adapt and be compatible with a wide range of hardware devices and peripherals. Due to the architecture of Chromium OS, FydeOS is currently less compatible with hardware devices that are not mainstream, not having mainline Linux kernel drivers or not supporting mainstream Linux distributions well.

A ‘device’ in this context may include, but not limited to

  • Wireless NICs
  • Ethernet cards
  • Sound
  • Printers
  • Headphone jack auto recognition
  • Touchpad
  • Touch screen
  • Stylus
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Camera
  • Gravity sensor module
  • Battery balance display
  • Power management strategy
  • Other unique external devices

If you find that your device is not recognised on FydeOS and is therefore missing functionality, you can try running Ubuntu Desktop on your device to check its compatibility with the Linux system. If the problematic device is recognised and works well under Ubuntu but not under FydeOS, please feel free to post to FydeOS Community and provide detailed hardware information to help our development team to improve the hardware compatibility.

For experienced developer and power users, you are also more than welcome to check out openFyde where we provide guides and recipes for you to tweak the kernel drivers by yourself.

In addition, FydeOS for PC may have different degrees of compatibility issues on x86 Chromebook devices, as FydeOS was built to include support for more PC devices by removing Chromebook-specific optimisations from upstream projects. For Chromebook devices that are still in support, we still recommend using Google Chrome OS for the best experience.