The Google Play Store requires appropriate licenses from Google for distribution. Apps distributed through the Google Play Store are often dependent on Google’s service framework and will not function properly if they are not officially authorised by Google to be installed into the operating system.

However, you can configure Google Mobile Services manually by methods provided by We have hence packaged an Open GApps configurator app (available in FydeOS Web Store) that could allow you to finish the configuration in a few simple steps.

It should be noted that this feature is currently in experimental stage and availability cannot be guaranteed.

Due to the major security upgrades in FydeOS v18, you need to follow certain steps to install Open GApps properly. First, you must enable Developer Mode to access the core settings of the system. Then, to allow writing on the system partition, you need to switch off root filesystem verification according to the instructions provided. These changes affect the security settings of the system, so it’s important for users to carefully review the guides and warnings to understand the potential risks involved.