Last edit: 25 August 2022

GRUB is an integral part of FydeOS for PC, and the FydeOS' silent upgrade feature needs to be performed using GRUB to switch boot partitions.

If you can't stand the grub menu every time you boot up your system, you can refer to this article to hide the grub menu.

This article aims to hide the grub menu when FydeOS for PC boots by modifying the grub.cfg configuration file in the EFI directory.

#1. Enter the Shell

  • Press ctrl + alt + F2 to enter the tty shell interface.
  • Enter the username chronos.

#2. Mount Partition

  • Enter sudo su to gain administrator privileges.

  • Enter lsblk to confirm that your partition 12 is sda12, please make the change according to your actual situation.

  • Mount the sda12 partition as /tmp/p12 by entering the following command.

    mount -o remount rw /
    mkdir /tmp/p12
    mount /dev/sda12 /tmp/p12

#3. Modify the Configuration

  • Enter the command to access the file:

    sudo nano /tmp/p12/efi/boot/grub.cfg  
  • Scroll down to find set timeout and change it to the following.

    set timeout=0

    Press the ctrl + x key and enter y to save the changes.

#4. Reboot

Enter the following command to unmount and reboot.

umount /tmp/p12