Last edit: 03 August 2022

The tutorial is for the users who want to expand the capacity of FydeOS on VMware.

TL;DR: You can watch the if you think the document is too long.

#1. Scaling Capacity in VMware Settings

#1.1. Windows System

  • Open the VMware, right-click on the FydeOS and select the option "Power" > "Shut Down."


  • Click 'Edit virtual machine settings.'

Pic2 - Click "Hard Disk" > "Expansion" in the pop-up settings. Pic3

  • Setting a new capacity for the virtual disk.


  • After setting, select Apply to complete the virtual disk expansion.


#1.2 macOS

  • Run VMware Fusion, click the "Virtual Machine" menu, and select "Shut Down."


  • Go to "Settings" > "Hard Disk."


  • Setting a new capacity for the FydeOS virtual disk.


  • After setting, select ‘Apply’ to complete the virtual disk expansion.


#2. Enter the Terminal

#2.1 Windows

On Windows, after successfully entering FydeOS, please press the Ctrl+Alt+T key on the keyboard, and then the Chromium browser will automatically open a new tab named crosh.

#2.2 macOS

On macOS, you need to enter the FydeOS virtual machine settings, change the Keyboard & Mouse configuration to the Mac profile, and then you can press the Ctrl+Option+T key to enter crosh. pic9

#2.3 Enter the Shell

After entering the shortcut key, at the pop-up crosh tab, type:



#3. Confirm the Target Partition

Enter the command lsblk to get the list of currently loaded disks. pic11 The default stateful partition of FydeOS under the VMWare is nvme0n1p1, which is also the target partition for our expansion. 

#4. Run the Expansion Script

Once you have confirmed the target disk, enter the built-in expansion script of FydeOS. The stateful partition will be automatically expanded to fill the entire disk.

Expansion Command:

sudo --dst /dev/nvme0n1p1


#5. After the Script Runs

After running the script, go to "Settings" > "Device" > "Storage Management" and check for the storage capacity. pic12If everything works out, congratulations! The capacity expansion for FydeOS on VMware is finished here.