Last Update: 2024-03-13

The following guide or recipe requires shell access to your FydeOS installation, therefore is assumed to be enabled. If altering system file is required, you will also need to .

We recommend disabling the dedicated graphics card in BIOS. If there is no such option, you can disable the graphics card in the hwtuner; note that this method only works for some devices.

If you're experiencing booting or usage issues with your device that has both an Intel integrated graphics card and an NVIDIA/AMD dedicated graphics card, you can optimize your system by disabling the dedicated graphics card. This tutorial will guide you through the process using FydeOS and the hwtuner tool.

#What is hwtuner?

hwtuner, also known as FydeOS Hardware Tuner, is a command-line tool specifically designed to debug and optimize system functions.

#Accessing hwtuner

Follow these steps to access hwtuner:

  1. Launch Crosh: Press Control + Alt + T simultaneously on your FydeOS desktop.
  2. Enter the bash shell: Type shell into Crosh and press Enter.
  3. Obtain administrator privileges: Type sudo su and press Enter.

    Note: Starting from FydeOS v17 and openFyde r114, use sudo -i instead of sudo su. This change doesn't affect older versions.

  4. Start hwtuner: Type hwtuner into Crosh and press Enter.

#How to Disable Your Graphics Card

To disable your graphics card, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the diagnose graphic hardware and driver tuning option in hwtuner.

  1. Enter 0 and press Enter. The type of graphics card your device is using will now be displayed on the interface.

    Here are the driver codes for different graphics cards:

    • Intel graphics card: i915
    • AMD graphics card: amdgpu
    • NVIDIA graphics card: nouveau

    Choose the graphics card you want to disable based on your needs.

  2. To disable a graphics card, enter the corresponding number. For example, to disable amdgpu, enter 1 for Block kernel driver/module (amdgpu).

  3. After completing the disabling operation, restart your device.

Note: You cannot disable the graphics card that is currently in use.

#Troubleshooting NVIDIA Graphics Card Booting Issues

If your device with an NVIDIA graphics card fails to boot, you can manually adjust the grub.cfg in the FydeOS image. Here's how:

  • Mount the USB flash drive that contains the FydeOS image.
  • Open the /boot/efi/boot/grub.cfg file for editing.
  • Add nouveau.modeset=0 after noresume in the file.
  • Save the changes.

Remember, you can always disable the dedicated graphics card in BIOS if it's available. If not, the hwtuner method described above should work for most devices.