You can take a screenshot or record a video of FydeOS's screen. After you capture your screen, you can view, edit, delete, and share the image or video.

Tip: Screenshots and recordings are automatically copied to your clipboard.

#Take a screenshot

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + F5.
  2. In the menu at the bottom, select Screenshot.
  3. Select an option:
    • Take a full screen screenshot img.
    • Take a partial screenshot.
    • Take a window screenshot.

Tip: You can also take a screenshot with the menu at the bottom right.

  1. Select the time.
  2. Select Screen capture.

#Record your screen

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + F5 Show windows.
  2. In the menu at the bottom, select Screen record img.
  3. Select an option:
    • Record the full screen img.
    • Record a partial screen.
    • Record a window.
  4. To stop recording, at the bottom right, select Stop recording img.

#Find screenshots & recordings

  • Screenshots get saved to your “Images” folder.
  • Recordings get saved to your “Videos” folder.