You can use the Diagnostics app to check for hardware and connection problems on your FydeOS, like issues with the battery, CPU and memory. 

#Open Diagnostics

  1. At the bottom right, select the time and thenSettings.
  2. Select About FydeOS and thenDiagnostics. 

Tip: To find Diagnostics from your FydeOS's launcher, press the launcher key on your keyboard or select the launcher button at the bottom left of the screen and type Diagnostics in the search bar. 

#Learn about Diagnostics categories


Here you can find information about your CPU consumption, current usage, temperature and current speed. The CPU chart is a graph where blue represents your CPU usage, and yellow represents the system usage. 


The memory test measures system memory.

#Learn about CPU and memory tests

Important: CPU tests can stress the device and make regular use difficult. Your device may run slowly, and tests may take a long time to run.

  • The stress test mimics high-load situations that are CPU-intensive.
  • The cache test measures cache coherency. 
  • The floating point accuracy test repeatedly performs floating point operations against preset values to check for accuracy.
  • The prime search test checks your CPU calculation of complex prime numbers.