#Remote desktop

With FydeOS Remote Desktop, you can use a computer or mobile device to access files and applications on another FydeOS device via the Internet.

Access codes can only be used once. When sharing your computer with others, the system will prompt you every 30 minutes to confirm whether you want to continue sharing.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Type rdp.fydeos.com into the address bar, and press Enter
  3. Under "Get Support," select Generate Code
  4. Copy the code and send it to the person with whom you wish to share your computer
  5. When the recipient enters the access code you provided on the website, you will see a dialogue box with their name. Select Share to grant them full access to your computer
  6. To end the sharing session, click Stop Sharing

#Remote assistance

Remote assistance allows FydeOS official technical support to access your device for problem diagnosis and subsequent operations remotely. To ensure the security of user data, all remote assistance session content is fully encrypted, and session initiation requires your authorization.

Please note that this feature requires you to contact FydeOS technical support personnel and enable it under their guidance. FydeOS's official technical support personnel will provide the specific usage method when they assist you.