Simplifying information dissemination.

Digital signage has changed the way information is conveyed, and FydeOS is changing digital signage.

Ensuring security from the system’s foundation.

FydeOS adopts a system read-only and sandbox design to ensure security from the system’s foundation, keeping enterprises away from the troubles of ransomware, malicious applications, and computer viruses and providing a reliable operating environment for digital signage.

Always stable, Management Cloud

We handle the integration so you can focus on business value.

FydeOS management cloud integrates a self-service terminal solution(Kiosk), devices boot directly into a full-screen display of designated applications or websites and run stably for the long term, without entering the desktop environment.

Effortless management,
anytime, anywhere.

You can manage your devices anytime, anywhere.

With the FydeOS Management Cloud, you can deploy applications, monitor device performance, capture system logs, restart, take screenshots, and control devices remotely through the FydeOS remote desktop, among other things.

FydeOS Enterprise Solution
Empowers more Industry
The FydeOS Enterprise solution, in addition to providing the same premium experience and benefits of ChromeOS Enterprise Edition, also offers system customization and private deployment for enterprises. This includes:
  • Running FydeOS on the enterprise’s designated hardware devices, including x86 and ARM devices.
  • Customization and optimization of system functions.
  • Provide private deployment of system base services.