Swift Digital Transformation for Public Utilities

FydeOS is the best choice for improving IT office efficiency in public utilities, offering a cost-effective and efficient business solution that requires minimal maintenance and upgrades for smooth operation.

Efficient and Dependable Customer Support

In a certain area, the Departments of Motor Vehicles chose FydeOS for its self-service kiosks, simplifying the IT management process and reducing dependency on hardware.

After the pilot phase, they quickly deployed FydeOS-based smart terminals across their jurisdiction, enabling staff to enjoy the flexibility, security, and reliability brought by working in the cloud through the FydeOS Management Cloud and accompanying cloud services. The use of FydeOS has greatly increased the efficiency of the Departments of Motor Vehicles, allowing for smoother and faster processes, ultimately resulting in better service for their customers.

Cloud Adoption Elevates Service Efficiency and Quality

With FydeOS and its accompanying cloud service components, public utility staff can access various cloud-based office applications through their browser, quickly completing tasks such as generating reports or drafting official documents. To reduce unnecessary commuting between institutions, employees can collaborate via video conferencing software.

Instant Productivity at Your Fingertips

FydeOS innovates through technology, breaking the bottleneck of application ecosystems by providing compatibility with Linux programs and access to the Android ecosystem, thus empowering domestic operating systems to quickly gain a wealth of mobile

  • Compatible with Linux programs, Android programs, and some Windows programs
  • Run mobile applications directly on the desktop in multi-window mode
  • Tablet-specific, desktop-level, full-featured Office suite
  • Catering to the needs of mobile work scenarios
FydeOS Enterprise Solution
Empowers more Industry
The FydeOS Enterprise solution, in addition to providing the same premium experience and benefits of ChromeOS Enterprise Edition, also offers system customization and private deployment for enterprises. This includes:
  • Running FydeOS on the enterprise’s designated hardware devices, including x86 and ARM devices.
  • Customization and optimization of system functions.
  • Provide private deployment of system base services.