Protect important customer data from cybersecurity risks.

The FydeOS enterprise solution can bring numerous benefits to financial institutions, from IT cost management to ensuring customer data security, with satisfying results.

Empower Production with Uncompromised Digital Security

FydeOS provides an isolated “sandbox” production environment. The IT departments of financial institutions can establish application and webpage blacklists and whitelists through the FydeOS cloud management platform, and create unified HTTPS security certificates for devices hosted within the organization, effectively preventing cross-site scripting attacks.

Financial institutions’ customer representatives can access various web pages, Android, and Linux applications to advance their work through FydeOS, while the IT team manages these devices remotely through the FydeOS Management Cloud.

Boosting Collaboration Efficiency with Safe Workflows

Containerized FydeOS features contribute to enhanced security, as do automatic updates. The average startup time of FydeOS devices is reduced by about 70% compared to other devices. Collaborating on projects in FydeOS is more efficient than before on traditional IT systems.
Secure HTTPS communication

FydeOS Enterprise Solution
Empowers more Industry
The FydeOS Enterprise solution, in addition to providing the same premium experience and benefits of ChromeOS Enterprise Edition, also offers system customization and private deployment for enterprises. This includes:
  • Running FydeOS on the enterprise’s designated hardware devices, including x86 and ARM devices.
  • Customization and optimization of system functions.
  • Provide private deployment of system base services.