FydeOS for VMware
FydeOS for PC / SBC
FydeOS for You
90 days free
£14.99/year after
FydeOS Enterprise Solution
"Chrome OS"-like experience
with or without a Google account
Full-fledged Chromium browser
with capabilities to run latest web technologies including offline access
Android subsystem
to run Android apps
Linux subsystem
to run Linux apps
Tailored experience
for designated devices inlcuding the Microsoft Surface range and many more
FydeOS cloud services
including FydeOS Sync, FydeDrop and complementary cloud drive offers
FydeOS remote desktop (RDP) support
to enable remote desktop access to your FydeOS device from anywhere
System OTA updates
tracking upstream Chromium OS project
Modern privacy policy
with "do not sell my personal information" guarantee
(user manual, FAQ, KB)
Community support
Support tickets
with response from dedicated support team within 1 business day
Human expert
1-on-1 help-desk support
Remote management
through FydeOS-owned cloud-based console, features including cloud policies management, device fleet management, remote desktop access, remote shell login and data visualisation dashboard
Full compatibility
with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and the Google Admin console
Near 1000 advanced policies
that control all aspects of the system: security, update, app, browser and users etc., with extensive documentation of each policy
in management services deployment, on-premise, in the cloud or even in private 5G local network with complete isolation of internet
OS customisation
for bespoke scenarios including integration with exisiting enterprise account services
*Limited functionalities supported due to virtual machine constrains.
†Complimentary for maintenance updates within a milestone version; optionally chargeable at £2.49 for major updates across milestone versions.