Protecting and rebuild your call center

FydeOS helps you build a cloud-first and lightweight call center that improves agent productivity, protects business data, and provides IT teams with a stress-free device deployment and management experience.

More Convenient,
More Secure

FydeOS, as a “cloud-first” solution, perfectly fits the scene needs of the call center:

  • Using FydeOS devices is very convenient for home office
  • Built-in system-level security protection makes it impregnable to viruses
  • All business data is on the cloud, helping you win customer trust
Application Effect
The application of FydeOS in the customer service industry has brought unexpected results to people.

19 %

Increase in agent

3 Year

Extended equipment

50 %

Lower than other equipment
purchase costs

0 %

possibility of being attacked
by viruse
FydeOS Enterprise Solution
Empowers more Industry
The FydeOS Enterprise solution, in addition to providing the same premium experience and benefits of ChromeOS Enterprise Edition, also offers system customization and private deployment for enterprises. This includes:
  • Running FydeOS on the enterprise’s designated hardware devices, including x86 and ARM devices.
  • Customization and optimization of system functions.
  • Provide private deployment of system base services.