Thrive in the cloud era with FydeOS
£14.9 / device / year
Feels like Chrome OS
An alternative approach, with all the flexibilities
Full-fledged deskop browser
Supports Chrome extensions and the latest web technologies
Android subsystem
Supports Android apps
Linux subsystem
Supports Linux apps, including those with GUIs
FydeOS cloud services
Includes FydeOS account & cloud sync, FyDrop and other optional services
FydeOS remote desktop
Connect and control your FydeOS desktop anywhere in the world
System update service
OS updates in the background without interrupting you
Systematic docs and manual
Quickly get started with using, deploying and managing FydeOS devices
£24.9 / device / year
All features in Basic
Business+ subscription includes all features in the Basic tier
FydeOS management cloud
A unified portal for managing FydeOS devices and users
Real-time monitoring
A data visualisation centre for oversight of the status and performance of your managed devices
Near 1000 configuration policies to deploy
With a comprehensive glossary of the policies and instruction manual
Enterprise remote access
Admins can remotely access devices under management at the root level for maintenance
Enterprise remote desktop
Admins can view or control the desktops of devices under management for checks and assistance
Managed guest session
Devices can be set to boot straight into a pre-configured app or webpage for specialised scenarios
Vendor support
Submit support ticket to us and get a response usually in 1 working day
Enterprise grid
Contact sales for price estimate
All features in Business+
Enterprise grid includes all the features that FydeOS enterprise offering can have
Flexible deployment
On-premise or cloud, all the flexibilities according to needs
OS-level customisation
FydeOS with single sign-on with enterprise LDAP, bespoke feature customisation and system-level services
Expert support
One-on-one technical support from our best solution architect
Custom branding
UI and branding customisation for OEM solutions
Enterprise grade SLA
Options to upgrade the SLA for the core services for enterprise-grade assurance
Porting for specific device
Bring your own device to run FydeOS
We want our staff to be trained effectively to provide better customer service. With FydeOS I found that this is easier than I had expected. FydeOS is so easy to use that it now takes less than half the time to train staff.
What is FydeOS enterprise solution?
FydeOS provides a turnkey solution for enterprises to quickly deploy and manage all FydeOS users and devices in their domain. FydeOS enterprise solutions include FydeOS cloud management, real-time data monitoring dashboard, enterprise-grade remote assistance, enterprise-grade remote desktop, managed guest sessions and other services, which can be privatised and customised according to the needs of enterprises. We also provide 24/7 enterprise-grade technical support.
Do I need to pay for FydeOS enterprise solution?
FydeOS enterprise solution is chargeable, and the price varies depending on the needs of the business. Feel free to contact our presale staff for a specific quote.
What is FydeOS management cloud?
FydeOS Management Cloud is a web-based cloud platform that allows administrators to sign in and see how all users and devices in the enterprise domain are performing, set up appropriate management policies for users and devices, and deploy and distribute them to users and devices with a single click. FydeOS provides systematic training and technical support to help administrators quickly become familiar with the FydeOS Management Cloud and efficiently manage the FydeOS devices.
What are the benefits of opting for FydeOS enterprise solution?
FydeOS is a cloud-first solution designed to support the modern corporate workforce, enabling employees to stay connected and exuberantly productive wherever and whenever they want. With cloud synchronisation of all files and preferences and support for leading productivity tools and video conferencing software, it helps employees to work effectively wherever they are. Silent upgrades in the background keep devices always secure, with no waiting for updates, and ready to work on. FydeOS devices can be deployed quickly, with zero-touch registration and drop-in devices, and one-click management commands via the cloud-based central management platform, freeing up IT departments for good, making it simpler, safer and less expensive.
What scenarios does FydeOS enterprise solution best used for?
FydeOS is a modern and future-proof solution that provides enterprise information workers with easy-to-use tools to facilitate collaboration and work from anywhere, anytime. Information workers, including employees in marketing, sales, HR, operations, finance and other business teams, may work in a mixed mode and need a secure control platform with remote access to company information. Help improve the efficiency of frontline employees. Frontline employees include customer service staff, Internet information auditors, trainers, field staff, office administrators and more.