Note: The following is a transcript of an oral interview with Chad Abitbol, who serves as the technical director of a scrap metal recycling company. He explains how his organisation has used FydeOS to accelerate its transition to a cloud-first platform.

As a recycling company specialising in scrap materials, our company plays a significant role in the bulk commodities sector.

To meet our customers’ demands for real-time access to stock, we need an adaptable and reliable IT system. Fortunately, we discovered FydeOS, a solution that fits the bill.

FydeOS can run on a wide range of devices, requiring minimal intervention from skilled IT professionals, and is managed through a centralised platform.

This approach allows our team to focus their efforts on business development.

Streamlining device management

Before deploying FydeOS, we faced the complex challenge of synchronising and integrating the email and document activities of our sales, warehouse and office staff.

The sales force’s devices and platforms lacked technical uniformity, while back office and warehouse staff continued to use the aging Microsoft Exchange Server. As our business expanded, the proliferation of servers contradicted our goal of simplifying technical management.

After a thorough evaluation of FydeOS, we recognised its ability to address several of our IT challenges. By centralising IT management in a cloud-based platform, we eliminated the need to constantly switch between disparate platforms.

FydeOS also enabled the cost-effective, large-scale deployment of kiosk information booths at various warehouse locations, facilitating interaction between warehouse staff and sales and other departmental staff.


Overcoming integration challenges with FydeOS

When we first encountered FydeOS, we recognised its superior convenience over traditional operating systems, simplifying communication and file sharing. For example, users simply log into their FydeOS accounts to instantly synchronise preferences and app on their devices, eliminating the need for time-consuming configurations.

In addition, the system features a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol that enables the rapid exchange of content between devices within the same network environment.

We took advantage of this by equipping departments with FydeOS terminals. This enabled seamless content delivery and information sharing across departments.

Consider a scenario where a salesperson closes a deal at an offline location. Using their FydeOS device, they can instantly save transaction images and draft agreements to the cloud repository. The relevant staff can then access and review the information directly from the cloud repository without delay.

Whether employees use laptops, tablets or all-in-one devices, they can easily transfer images and transaction details with an Internet connection.

Files are seamlessly synchronised via FydeOS’ built-in services or compatible third-party options. While our primary business application currently requires an x86 environment, our team was able to replicate most of its functionality on FydeOS using customised virtual machine technology.


Improving security through read-only design

No business can afford to ignore the threat of cyber-attack, especially smaller businesses like ours who are statistically more vulnerable. Thankfully, FydeOS has addressed our concerns in this area.

With its read-only system design, no one can write information to the system. FydeOS’ A/B dual-sided image setup allows operation from the alternate side if the integrity of one side is compromised, giving IT teams ample time to investigate and remediate.

In addition, FydeOS upgrades silently in the background, ensuring that the system remains in a secure and stable environment.

On the software front, FydeOS’ Management Cloud Platform has played a key role in our IT security. This platform allows administrators to define thousands of usage policies, including application whitelisting.

We’ve used this functionality to create a whitelist of applications that are appropriate for our work environment. If employees want to use certain extensions, applications or access certain web addresses, they must submit requests through the platform to IT administrators, who review them and grant access if deemed appropriate.

Thanks to the exponential growth of Software as a Service (SaaS), various cloud applications integrate seamlessly with FydeOS. We’ve introduced Single Sign-On (SSO) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to strengthen security while freeing employees from the cumbersome process of managing and recording account passwords.

IT that really does scale

In my circle, the need for IT in business operations has always been a dominant theme.

Some are still clinging to ideas from more than a decade ago, believing that the potential of IT in our industry is still limited.

For us, however, the question is no longer one of necessity, but of how far we can go in this direction. We are grateful for FydeOS because it allows us to focus wholeheartedly on what we do best.

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