Note: This article is transcribed from an interview with Rair Sousa, who is the Customer Success Manager at a medical technology services company in Brazil. The company uses FydeOS devices to manage their IT tasks.

Our firm is one of the best suppliers of technical drug analysis services in Brazil, with nearly 5,000 workers across South America. We’re continually seeking ideas to better our client service by decreasing IT issue resolution time, improving productivity, and creating a more secure IT working arena.

This task can be challenging for a company that uses many daily applications, of which over two-thirds can be run in the cloud or have cloud alternatives, without needing detailed IT management.

By picking FydeOS, we have bettered the day-to-day tasks for everyone, increasing their efficiency and security.


Moving to modern apps

Ideally, staff members should be able to reach the software we need to carry out our duties via a solitary web portal. However, the actual situation is unquestionably more intricate. For instance, specific productivity programs solely function on the x86 platform.

As an establishment, we are eager to circumvent software that banks on a singular platform or those that demand substantial cognitive exertion despite being less proficient than their adept counterparts.

In today’s cloud-first time, where even desktop powerhouses are moving toward the cloud, FydeOS empowers firms to move to the cloud. This enables our staff to access these programs through their web browsers, regardless of location.

The recent pandemic has boosted this trend, revealing that FydeOS streamlines work with web and desktop applications. FydeOS Management Cloud is a particularly excellent choice. FydeOS serves as a helpful assistant that rids us of the inconvenience of IT operations and management.

Every device is registered with our management domain before it gets assigned to an employee. By doing this, the administrators can easily apply policies and configurations to the device by clicking once. This saves them a significant amount of time, and allows them to concentrate on more critical tasks.


Tools for Maintaining IT Security

Every pharmaceutical company is cautious about keeping its technology systems safe, and we’re no different.

We approve, pause, or automatically install applications submitted by users on the FydeOS Management Cloud as necessary. We specify URLs that can be accessed during working hours and block any downloads of attachments from personal email accounts. Automatic updates from FydeOS ensure that everyone gets the latest security patches.

Due to constant improvement, FydeOS is now a fully functional productivity tool in our company. We anticipate achieving higher productivity levels in the upcoming year, thanks to the integration of various applications.

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