Note: This text presents a transcript of an oral interview with Deshai Cardinalli, who currently works as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of an industrial component manufacturing organisation. In this document, Deshai Cardinalli explains how the company has utilised FydeOS to improve employee productivity and optimise critical operational procedures.

Our products are widely used in the healthcare and other industrial sectors. As a result, we pay close attention to every detail in our production processes, striving for perfection.

However, traditional methods of efficiency management through human direction have become increasingly insufficient to meet our rigorous requirements.

Therefore, we have constantly pursued quality management solutions that are highly reliable. Our main challenge is to balance speeding up system administration while keeping costs under control.

Nonetheless, it seems that by adopting FydeOS, we have successfully discovered an optimal compromise among these three aspects.

Maintaining the system is easy and it is always online

Our company has production facilities spread across many countries around the world that operate non-stop, 24/7.

To maintain the efficiency of these facilities, we need to address IT system security issues and minimize operational disruptions. Fortunately, FydeOS’s architecture, with its read-only system design and sandboxed security mechanisms, has successfully prevented cyber-attacks during this time.

Furthermore, its performance in the field of IT operations has been praiseworthy. Scores of FydeOS devices have been installed across our production sites and office spaces, resulting in a significant decrease in the requirement for IT team involvement all year round, thereby cutting our overall ownership costs by half.

Promote the use of FydeOS in all departments

To provide better assistance to employees across divisions, we have allocated different types of FydeOS devices based on their specific functional requirements.

FydeOS has revitalised aging desktop computers within the office environment.

We have chosen FydeOS-integrated all-in-one systems for the manufacturing shop floors.

These systems not only function as tools for system management, but also serve as digital signage, significantly reducing paper consumption.

FydeOS enables plant administrators to instantly share real-time procurement and product quality information with higher management tiers, establishing unobstructed channels of information flow and facilitating informed decision-making.

The digital signage powered by FydeOS helps to communicate vital information to our staff, making sure that they are informed of real-time updates about production efficiency metrics and project progress.

We continue our efforts to introduce FydeOS to a broader range of operational departments.

For example, we recently provided FydeOS-installed tablet devices to business development personnel who require mobile attendance.

Moreover, we have systematically replaced all legacy computers in the customer service division with FydeOS-enabled systems. This has helped us to repurpose and extend the lifespan of the existing hardware.

Regarding security, quality, and flexibility, FydeOS has empowered our workforce to operate more efficiently and conveniently without adding any complexity. Our customers trust our offerings, and similarly, we rely on FydeOS.

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