Founded in the 1970s, this UK-based HR services company is now one of the largest HR service providers in Europe. It currently operates in 19 countries. The company offers a range of specialist services including recruitment, induction, management and professional development, to name but a few. With a network of over 700 offices across Europe, the company supplies an average of 70,000 temporary workers to industry every week and recruits nearly 20,000 professionals for permanent and temporary positions every year.

Secure remote work

From the very beginning of the New Crown pandemic, the Europe-based staffing firm’s IT equipment faced a classic dilemma – it was outdated and could barely support the demands of teleworking.

It became a priority for the IT management team to provide their staff with new equipment for teleworking at short notice. Although some project managers were already equipped with separate laptops for mobile working, almost all consultants were still relying on a desktop version of proprietary software to perform their tasks, such as matching the right candidates in the talent pool in real time by entering their client requirements.

Updating IT equipment and increasing mobility were top priorities, and when the company’s CTO evaluated FydeOS, he was impressed with the security, rapid deployment capabilities and ease of use that the FydeOS solution offered.

The company also had a long history of using cloud-based office applications, and moving to a cloud-native computing environment was a natural progression for its users.

Rapid testing to scale deployment

During the testing phase, the company selected 50 employees from across the business with a range of backgrounds and responsibilities.

Employees generally reported that the migration and deployment was quick, with a production test environment set up in a matter of hours, with HR tools, payroll and other key HR applications required for the job installed on FydeOS devices via SaaS and progressive web applications.

After 5 months of small-scale testing, the company decided to migrate all departments to the FydeOS platform. Firstly, the front-line sales force and secondly, the back office.

The adoption rate was very good, with a steady flow of almost 160 sign-up activations per week. Within the next 16 months, the company had over 3,000 devices registered to the company’s FydeOS management domain in Europe, covering almost 80% of its workforce.

To be honest, I initially received a number of letters from employees asking questions or expressing concerns about the company’s adoption of this new technology, but this gradually diminished as FydeOS was rolled out. About a month into the migration, a lot of people wanted to try it out and I started getting departmental emails asking for early migration! This was unthinkable at the beginning, and we even set up a separate priority migration team within the IT management team to assess the need for departmental migrations. — Valenril, the company’s CTO

The company’s costing showed that using FydeOS devices could cut costs by almost half compared to continuing to use Windows devices.

At the same time, FydeOS has boosted mobile office productivity at the recruitment firm. Not only does it allow employees to work without geographical restrictions, but it also breaks the application’s “strong ties” to a specific platform.

In addition to the original SaaS applications, employees have found that many of the CRM, payroll, etc. applications that were previously only available on traditional desktops are now available as full cloud-native applications. In addition, FydeOS supports both Android and Linux environments and is fully capable of meeting most of their day-to-day work requirements.

For example, the company’s consultants are now able to work in a very flexible environment thanks to FydeOS’ virtual desktop functionality.

The virtual desktop feature of FydeOS allows users to save a desktop to be used for a specific task, and consultants can seamlessly switch between multiple desktops to work on different matters.

Many teams are very positive about this feature and generally report that it saves them a lot of time by not having to remember which applications they had open for previous jobs. — says Valenril, the company’s CTO.

The company is well on its way to migrating further from a traditional computing platform to FydeOS, with plans to roll out FydeOS devices to all employees in the coming years.

The company is currently exploring how to efficiently integrate mobile devices and Android technology to support its internal platform strategy of ‘FydeOS for all’.

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