Note: This article is transcribed from an interview with Steve Lee, tech lead of a Brazilian automotive repair chain. The company operates 82 directly owned branches and 14 franchised stores across Brazil. They have adopted FydeOS to streamline the IT operations in their automotive service departments.

Our aim is to provide customers with the service they need quickly, minimising delays and ensuring maximum satisfaction for all.

We want to simplify the repair process by eliminating the need for everyone to have IT skills to quickly navigate through different technologies and applications to efficiently handle customer registration, parts ordering and invoicing, among other things.

FydeOS has brought us speed and efficiency and has significantly improved our operational experience compared to the past.


Reducing cost and management

Our goal in choosing new technology is to improve the quality of service provided by our store team, while simplifying operations and maintenance tasks.

Given our small IT team, we have limited time for updates and troubleshooting.

With the increasing popularity of cloud computing in recent years, many of the software applications we used previously have moved to the cloud or have alternative online competitors.

So we decided to move from Windows to other operating systems, and FydeOS caught my eye because of its cloud-first features.

In the past, our stores typically had three workstations, usually Windows PCs running third-party remote desktop software.

Over the years, the Windows system became noticeably slower, and the remote desktop often experienced errors and crashes, causing delays in work progress.

When these problems could not be resolved remotely, the IT team at our head office had to commute across town to make on-site repairs, incurring high time costs.

These problems became increasingly burdensome over the past two years, and finally, two years ago, we decided to stop using Windows.

Our plan is to migrate our company’s sites to an IT solution that offers comprehensive cloud computing capabilities.

After our IT team assessed the productivity and usability benefits, we decided to deploy FydeOS across the business.

In the stores, the service team now uses FydeOS devices as customer check-in stations, and in the repair shops we use FydeOS-powered workstations for service operations.

The team also uses tablets running FydeOS for customer support tasks.

Thanks to FydeOS’ exceptional platform compatibility, we have successfully installed FydeOS on all of our previous Windows devices, saving a significant amount of hardware procurement costs.


Offering support as growth accelerates

As the organisation has expanded, support has become a critical aspect.

By implementing FydeOS, the company has been able to save a significant budget on IT management and maintenance, allowing us to focus resources on rapid growth.

We used to be able to open a maximum of two new stores a year. However, this year (2023) we are optimistic that we will be able to open at least six new stores.

We would also like to thank FydeOS for making it quick and easy to configure our IT equipment before opening new stores.

Previously, when we were using Windows systems, our IT team had to travel to each site and manually configure the environment for each computer. This process would take at least two hours.

Since switching to FydeOS, the process of bringing new store devices online has become seamless.

At this point, I must express my appreciation for FydeOS’ “seamless registration” feature! We no longer have to go through the traditional installation process.

Instead, we simply register a FydeOS account on the existing devices and join the company management domain.

The IT team at our head office can then create a system image that matches the devices directly on the FydeOS Management Cloud platform and deploy the installation with a single click. The whole process takes only a dozen minutes.

Store teams no longer have to deal with IT issues on their own. FydeOS automatically updates itself in the background to ensure a stable system.

The applications the service teams need are running in the cloud and can be synced between devices with a single click.

Our head office IT team now receives fewer tickets for help with device and system issues from the stores. However, if necessary, we can initiate a support session using FydeOS’ remote desktop, eliminating the need for commute between locations.


FydeOS has reduced the burden on staff

FydeOS, along with its cloud-based management platform, allows us to conveniently and remotely monitor over 200 registered devices across our organisation.

Even when our team members are out in the field, it doesn’t interfere with their work.

This arrangement effectively takes the pressure off our store service team, allowing them to focus on store operations and customer service without having to worry about devices and IT issues.

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