Note: The following passage transcribes an oral interview with Christian Sutton, who is the Head of IT Operations at a multinational agricultural product supplier in Europe. This agricultural supplier supplies restaurants and supermarkets in Central and Southern Europe. The company has implemented the use of FydeOS devices in its frontline teams, especially the sales department. Their responsibilities involve business activities with prospective and current clients.

The trade of agricultural products can be regarded as one of the earliest known commercial activities worldwide.

In the highly competitive B2B agricultural sales market, FydeOS has given us a competitive advantage by enabling smooth collaboration with distributors.

After joining the company, my primary task was to find a solution that could align the distributor information and procurement networks. The operational processes needed to be simple enough to be handled by a small IT team.

After careful research, my team and I decided to transfer all data and applications to the cloud. This allowed us to avoid the expensive and cumbersome maintenance of Windows devices.

Thanks to FydeOS, we can now quickly bring newly registered distributors within the corporate IT management domain, which previously took weeks or months to complete.

Currently, our administrative, sales, logistics, and warehousing personnel use primarily FydeOS devices for their IT needs.

As a result, our IT maintenance time has decreased by 75%, and it can now be handled by a single IT administrator for a workforce of hundreds.

A Reduction in Total Ownership Costs

FydeOS embodies both simplicity and user-friendliness while also optimally utilizing existing hardware, significantly reducing expenses incurred from device replacement.

Through the FydeOS cloud management platform, the IT team can oversee company devices remotely, thus eliminating unnecessary expenditure of time and energy.

As FydeOS configurations and content are associated with accounts rather than devices, a single device within the same department can be shared among multiple employees. After completing usage, a straightforward system reset is possible, eliminating concerns related to data leakage.

The Management Cloud platform allows IT administrators to quickly deploy custom applications and configurations to different functional departments based on their needs.

This eliminates the need for on-site debugging and installation, one system at a time. Procurement staff can use a personalized virtual application delivery solution to interact with Visma ERP, allowing them to review inventory, fixed orders, and customer needs.

On the other hand, the sales team can utilize various cloud-based office software to stay in touch with potential and existing clients, as well as efficiently track their requirements and improve productivity.

Safeguarding Business Data Security

FydeOS is a lightweight, user-friendly, and cost-effective operating system with strong security features.

With its unique design, FydeOS effectively prevents external content from being written into the system, making it a ‘read-only’ operating system. As a result, the risk of ransomware and malicious software attacks is significantly reduced.

Moreover, FydeOS automatically updates, eliminating concerns about system vulnerabilities. To date, no instances of ransomware attacks on FydeOS devices have been reported.

FydeOS has seamlessly integrated into our daily operations, allowing us to efficiently manage our warehousing dispatches across multiple locations and expand our distribution networks, all while maintaining a stable system.

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