Our mission is to offer products and services that cater to a global audience. To accomplish this, we have developed two separate editions (not to confuse with the variants of FydeOS for PC) of our product and service offerings accessible through https://fydeos.com and https://fydeos.io, respectively. 

In preparation for the separation of our product and service offerings, we sent out an official communication earlier in 2023 to inform users about the changes that would be implemented regarding data geolocation, details here.

Beginning from FydeOS v17 and effective 1st August 2023, if you download any FydeOS image or use any FydeOS service from https://fydeos.io, the associated service offerings will be administered by our UK-based legal entity. Your data will also be stored and processed in the UK and some other selected data centres in the EU. It’s important to note that these services fall under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. For details, please read our Privacy statement.

If you are attempting to upgrade your existing FydeOS installation to v17, we will serve you with the correct edition based on your earlier choice of data geolocation. If we do not possess such data on you, we will provide you with an edition based on the current geolocation of your IP address.