For individuals, the start of a new year signifies a fresh start, while for organisations it is a moment to reassess and evaluate operational priorities, refocus goals and prepare for future endeavours.

As the urgency of digital transformation continues to grow, IT leaders in both large organisations and small to medium-sized businesses face a key challenge: how to make progress on several critical initiatives simultaneously. Continuing to improve productivity, mitigating network risks that put corporate data at risk, and reducing overall operational costs are paramount.

In this era of profound uncertainty, organisations face a number of challenges:

  • Globally, annual losses from corporate data breaches exceed four million dollars.
  • Only about 10% of IT managers have the luxury of time to strategise and innovate.
  • A staggering 77% of employees express weariness with the current IT operations within their respective organisations.

Getting it right is critical to business success, so choosing the right IT solutions is essential to maximising sustainable business value, increasing productivity and facilitating cost savings. This will be particularly important in 2023.

FydeOS enables organisations to achieve positive results in a variety of environments.

On behalf of  FydeOS, a market research firm conducted a study on the commercial value of the operating system, including analysis of information kiosks, digital signage, virtualisation and hybrid working scenarios.

The research shows that FydeOS is a cost-effective, efficient, secure and remarkably stable operating system that can reduce total cost of ownership and increase return on investment.

Companies deploying FydeOS experience an average return on investment (ROI) of 295%, resulting in a reduction of over 3 million yuan in IT operation and maintenance costs. Each FydeOS device saves employees 3 hours per week.

Compared to other operating systems in the control group, FydeOS shows an improvement in deployment speed of over 60%. In fact, FydeOS devices can boot into the desktop in as little as 8 seconds, while updates can be seamlessly performed in the background.

As well as fast deployment, FydeOS offers robust security. Unlike traditional desktop operating systems, FydeOS faces significantly fewer network security threats, with no reports of malicious software attacks on FydeOS devices.

Based on the data from these reports, we strongly believe that FydeOS is an excellent choice for organisations looking to maximise cost savings, improve operational efficiency and increase employee productivity.

An operating system designed for multiple scenarios.

In the various use cases examined in the report, FydeOS has proven to be beneficial for both organisations and employees:

  • Information Kiosks and Digital Signage: Organisations using FydeOS to manage their information kiosks and digital signage experience an average 34% reduction in maintenance incidents. The total cost of ownership for digital signage is reduced by 26%.
  • Mixed remote working: FydeOS helps remote workers achieve a 14% increase in productivity and a 57% increase in device deployment speed.
  • Call centres: Implementing FydeOS in call centres results in a 19% improvement in the efficiency of customer feedback and a 33% acceleration in the delivery of support solutions.
  • Virtualisation platform applications: By utilising FydeOS’ built-in Android subsystem and Linux environment, employee productivity increases by 31%.

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