As organisations embrace the use of cloud computing and cloud applications to increase productivity, the issue of managing the security of business data is becoming increasingly important.

IT administrators in organisations are tasked with protecting the organisation from external attacks and internal vulnerabilities while ensuring smooth business operations.

According to recent online security statistics published by a researching body, malicious software on the Internet is one of the most serious threats, causing significant losses to businesses in their digital endeavours. On average, organisations spend nearly $2.4 million annually to combat these threats.

By 2025, it is estimated that malicious software attacks will cause trillions of dollars in losses worldwide each year.

FydeOS is dedicated to helping enterprise IT administrators protect their organisations from the threats posed by malicious software on the Internet.

We will explain how the FydeOS enterprise solution employs nine comprehensive data protection measures to ensure greater online security for organisations and their employees.

Prevent phishing attacks

Safe browsing

Unknown dangerous websites have the potential to damage your devices. With FydeOS’ built-in secure browsing feature, employees are warned before attempting to access unsafe websites, reducing the risk of inadvertent actions that could lead to loss.

Password Protection

Mitigate network attacks resulting from weak passwords by protecting your organisation’s data. IT administrators can enforce policies that require employees to reset their passwords when using unauthorised websites, minimising potential risks.

Security key

FydeOS’ security key and two-step verification feature effectively prevent hackers from stealing passwords. Even if an attacker is temporarily successful, the system immediately alerts the user to change their password.

Protection from ransomware and other malicious software

Automatic updates happen in the background

Updates for FydeOS always run automatically in the background, so users do not have to stop what they are doing to wait for the upgrade.

Each device has two operating system images, and when one image is in use, the updated content is seamlessly installed on the other image. Upon reboot, the system boots from the updated image, completing the entire process in a matter of seconds!

Secure boot verifies system integrity

At each boot, FydeOS uses Secure Boot to validate the integrity of the system and detect any signs of tampering.

Even if anomalies are detected, FydeOS supports one-click factory reset, ensuring data and system settings are restored via cloud synchronisation. This approach provides resilience in the event of device damage or loss.

“Read-only” system design

All applications and browser plug-ins installed on FydeOS are granted read-only permissions, preventing any unauthorised modification of content within the operating system. The sandbox environment effectively eliminates any potential malicious access.

Managed guest session

With the FydeOS Enterprise Solution, FydeOS can be configured to wipe all data from the device at the end of a user session, minimising the possibility of residual personal information being left on the device.

Block malicious applications and websites

Whitelist addresses and applications

The FydeOS Cloud Management Platform allows organisations to whitelist applications and URLs and distribute access policies based on user or device groupings.

This ensures that uerss can only use and access whitelisted applications and URLs. Even if malicious applications are installed on FydeOS, they are contained within a sandbox without impacting other components.

Managed Application Store

The Managed Application Store provides essential applications for the enterprise. It allows IT administrators to select, purchase and manage applications, ensuring that malicious applications remain isolated.

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