The use of FydeOS for PC, FydeOS for SBC and FydeOS for VMWare is free and perpetual. But it does not include the value-added services of FydeOS.

Value-added services in this context include but not limited to:

  • System upgrade Over-The-Air(OTA)
  • Work order and support ticket with SLA guarantee
  • Commercial grade help desk support provided by the FydeOS support team to help you solve problems

The value-added service charging plan for FydeOS for PC is still in the making, stay tuned.

Since September 2020, we have launched the “FydeOS Subscription Service” to devices covered by FydeOS for You. For more information about FydeOS subscription service, please refer to this question.

FydeOS is committed to providing more complete industry solutions. Our current business model revolves around solution customisation, technical consultation and volume licensing. If you are a corporate customer who intends to adopt FydeOS as part of your digital transformation solution, please contact us.