FydeOS (Fyde pronounced like “fide” /faɪd/) is a lightweight operating system that carries a Linux kernel, it is powered by browser platform and container technology. It is very similar to Google Chrome OS in use.

FydeOS runs smoothly on most PCs that meet the minimal requirements. PC devices with FydeOS installed can perfectly support the latest web application standards and are compatible with Android applications and Linux environments, providing a Google Chromebook-like experience. Users can have a choice to opt for associated cloud services provided by Google as per Chromebooks, alternatively use services powered by Fyde Innovations, or opt for using a local account without any attachment to any provider.

FydeOS is based on the open source project The Chromium Projects, which we have modified and optimised to offer a more flexible user experience for whoever wishes to use FydeOS as part of their solution as well as the end users. FydeOS is a “Cloud-first” operating system that is tailored for this era where hybrid working has become parts of our lives.

Like Chromium OS, FydeOS was born out of the belief that all the applications and services we use today will increasingly move to the cloud. As browser platform and web technology continue to mature, we are convinced that most of the work you do today over the web will be possible in the future through a simple browser window. We are entering a whole new era where applications that need to be installed are a thing of the past.