What is the FydeOS Subscription Service?

The FydeOS Subscription Service is a value-added service that we launched in September 2020 together with “FydeOS for You” releases.

Each device with FydeOS for You installed will be given a 90-day trial period from the first time it is activated. If you feel that FydeOS for You can help you, you can choose to pay for a FydeOS subscription fee during the trial period. After successful payment, your FydeOS for You device subscription will be valid for an additional 365 days from the time of payment.

How is the FydeOS subscription service charged?

Effective 1st Aug 2023, the cost of the FydeOS subscription service is £14.99 per year.

FydeOS subscription service give me?

  • Continued unrestricted access to FydeOS for You and all its support cloud services.
  • Ongoing system updates, delivered Over-The-Air to FydeOS devices.
  • The FydeOS Community allows you to link your subscribed device ID and unlock the “Patron” badge. With it you will be able create technical support tickets about FydeOS and they will be responded by a dedicated support team.

What happens to my FydeOS for You device if I don’t choose to pay for the FydeOS subscription service?

After the FydeOS for You trial period has ended, if the system does not detect a valid subscription, it will apply limit to the usage of the system, but it will give you plenty of time to save your existing work and backup your data.

If you feel that FydeOS for You can help you, please consider paying for a FydeOS subscription.