If you want to get automatic updates for FydeOS for PC, make sure the option “Automatically keep my FydeOS running the latest version” is turned on in the system settings. 

There are two types of updates to FydeOS for PC:

  • Minor maintenance updates, for example from FydeOS for PC v12.0 to v12.1. Whenever this is available FydeOS will automatically download the necessary payload automatically and perform the updating procedures. When everything is done, you can simply restart FydeOS to automatically switch to the latest version, of course you can do this at any time you find convenient.
  • Major milestone updates, e.g. from FydeOS for PC v11.4 to v12.0. In FydeOS for PC, such updates cover the Linux kernel as well as other system components, including but not limited to Chromium the browser. FydeOS for PC releases(including all variants) are not specific to a particular model of device and there is no guarantee that every major update will run smoothly on your PC. Therefore, we have decided to suspend the automatic major milestone version update of FydeOS for PC. When this comes available, you have the following 2 options:
    • You can download the latest version of FydeOS for PC and reinstall it yourself. From there, you can also determine how well the latest version is adapted to your device. However, your previous usage data and installed apps will be erased.
    • For those who wish to retain their usage data, there is also the option of an OTA update for a small one-off fee. Of course, to ensure that the latest version is fit for purpose, it is recommended that you test it on a USB stick before deciding whether you need to update to the latest version.

The following FAQ is to explain this slightly complicated situation regarding charging a one-off fee for OTA updates:

Q: Why do I need to pay?

As the user base of FydeOS for PC has proliferated, the cost of cloud services behind each major version update has increased significantly, which is one of the reasons why we decided to suspend major version OTA updates. We want to maintain the best experience that FydeOS brings you, which means that we reject all inelegant ways of monetisation, for example, by inserting ads into FydeOS or reselling your private browsing data so others can track you. In response to suggestions for opening a ‘donation’ channel, we have always felt that this is an uncontrollable and unfair way of doing things. We have therefore decided to offer major milestone OTA updates for a one-time fee for those who want them, which is the most straightforward and fair way we can think of at the moment.

Q: How much does it cost?

Effective 15 Aug 2023, the cost of each major milestone update is 2.49 GBP.

Q: What am I actually paying for?

Most of what you pay is for CDN traffic, including roughly 2GB of data that is transferred from commercial CDN servers to your local device, and for our back-end operations and maintenance costs to support the cloud service.

Q: Can I still use FydeOS for PC if I don’t want to pay for it?

Yes, of course you can. You can turn off the “Automatically keep my FydeOS running the latest version” option and keep using the current version. You can also re-download and install the latest version of FydeOS for PC.

Q: Will I have to pay again for each major release in the future if I want to update it over-the-air?


Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t like the update and wish to rollback to previous version?

No. You have already consumed the traffic for the update so we cannot refund you for this.

Q: What happens if the update breaks my machine?

Sorry for that. It’s likely that your machine is too old and it’s somewhat not compatible with the update. You can rollback to the previous version(by selecting the alternative boot entry from the grub menu). To avoid awkwardness like this, it’s recommended that you verify the working order of the new major release on your PC by booting it on a USB device before you update it via OTA.