Yes, it does. Given that this is a rather sensitive issue, here is an explanation in human readable language (rather than the Privacy statement that you wouldn’t be bothered to read).

  • The privacy information currently collected by FydeOS comes mainly from your active notification, rather than being silently collected in the background.
  • For example, the name, mobile phone number and other personal identifiable information you fill in when you sign up for FydeOS account is stored in the database. This process is (by far the major) part of FydeOS’s privacy collection practices.
  • There are no features within the FydeOS system that collect any private information about you while you are using FydeOS. However, when you visit websites using your browser, major websites will still use cross-domain cookie technology to identify your online behaviour. This situation has nothing to do with FydeOS.
  • When you use the web services provided by FydeOS, the server records some of the data carried by your access request, such as the time of your request, your IP address, the device ID and account information of the service you accessed, etc. In order for the service to continue, this information is stored in the server. The collection of this information is necessary in order for the services to continue, otherwise they would not be able to work properly.

The specifics of what is collected and the legal boundaries within which we use and protect our users’ private information are detailed in our Privacy Policy, which you are advised to read at your earliest convenience.

Before you start using FydeOS we ask that you read and agree to our End-User-License-Agreement. By continuing to use FydeOS and its affiliated products you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy.