Currently we have the following four main FydeOS releases, you may choose the release that suits you the best:

  • FydeOS for PC is the most popular FydeOS distribution, currently available in three variants, namely:

    • Devices with Intel CORE Series 3rd to 8th generation processors and Intel HD series integrated graphics (codenamed amd64-fydeos)
    • Devices with Intel CORE Series 9th to 11th generation processors and Intel Iris Xe series integrated graphics (codename amd64-fydeos_iris)
    • Devices with Intel or AMD processors and AMD Radeon series discrete or integrated graphics (codename amd64-fydeos_apu)

    You will need to select the appropriate branch version for your device to download. You will need a USB storage media to boot the OS for the first time. Specific installation instructions for each release can be found on the corresponding download pages, if your device matches the description of the release, FydeOS for PC should be able to boot successfully and you shall be able to use it straightaway.

  • FydeOS for SBC is a version specifically tailored for SBCs such as Raspberry Pi and Radxa. It provides seamless integration with the hardware of these development boards, offering developers and enthusiasts the most outstanding desktop operating system solution available on the market. FydeOS for SBC empowers you to fully unleash the potential of your development board device, enabling more efficient and smooth experiences in both development work and entertainment.You can find the FydeOS for SBC version suitable for Raspberry Pi and other development boards on the download page.

  • FydeOS for You is a customised version for some of our selected devices, with better adaptability and support for device-specific features. If you happen to have one of these devices, it is recommended that you use the corresponding version. The installation is basically the same as for FydeOS for PC. The list of supported devices for FydeOS for You will be updated from time to time, please see the Downloads page for details.

  • FydeOS for VMware is our specially adapted FydeOS virtual machine image for VMware virtual machine clients. The idea for this release is for people to experience FydeOS in the easiest way possible, simply download the latest FydeOS for VMware client image file, follow the guide to experience most of the features of FydeOS on all major operating systems that have VMware clients installed. It is important to note that due to the design constraints of FydeOS and its subsystems, some of the features in the FydeOS VM are limited or unavailable, please read the FydeOS VM release announcement for details.

In the meantime, we have open sourced some of the core technologies we used to make FydeOS and maintain a Chromium OS that runs on embedded devices and single board development kits, including:

  • openFyde: The open source version of FydeOS.
  • Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi: Adapt to the famous single board computer development board Raspberry Pi and its suit (3B / 3B+ / 4B / Pi400).
  • Chromium OS VM for VMware: The Chromium OS virtual machine adapted to the VMWware virtual machine client is also the technical basis of FydeOS for VMware.