Help me choose the right FydeOS for PC variant

Last edited: 11 April 2024

What are FydeOS variants? Why create variants?

Due to the constraints of the Linux kernel and the unique features of FydeOS itself, it is difficult to create and release a single image that fits all mainstream computer devices out there in the wild; doing so would dramatically increase the file size of the image and, thus the maintenance cost. Therefore, we have split the general-purpose release of FydeOS, “FydeOS for PC”, into several variants to adapt to different types of computer devices.

FydeOS for PC variants matching guide

Obtaining device information

Before selecting a variant of FydeOS for PC, you need to know the detailed configuration of your device. To easily obtain device information on Windows systems, we recommend using the following software:

If you do not use Windows, you can also obtain key device information through relevant tools on your operating system or by consulting your computer supplier.

Choose the variant of FydeOS for PC based on your device information
Notes on NVIDIA graphics cards

FydeOS currently does not support NVIDIA graphics cards.

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card that can boot FydeOS, it’s expected to see the displayed image is distorted or glitched.

If your processor has an integrated graphics module, try physically removing your NVIDIA graphics card from the motherboard; or disabling the discrete graphics card in the BIOS settings. If none of these options is viable, you can refer to this tutorial to disable your NVIDIA graphics card via configuring GRUB. Please note that this tutorial may only be effective for some devices.

After disabling the discrete graphics card, you can choose the appropriate FydeOS for PC variant according to your CPU.