Added support for "local account": you can now use FydeOS with a completely isolated offline account, but in the meantime you won't be able to have online account and sync related features.
You can use the (win) + shift + Space shortcut keys to invoke the global emoji panel, typing smileys can never be this easy.
With the optimised virtual desktop management capabilities you can have better controls over which app to reside on which virtual desktop, or all of them.
You can have an overview of the contents in your pasteboard within the floating input widget in tablet mode. No matter text snippets, images or URLs would be displayed intuitively for you to pick the right one to paste.
Added "Diagnostics" app in "About FydeOS" where you can monitor system performance data and gather necessary information when you are seeking support.

We have added a few new features to this v13.1 release, namely:

  • Added "Chinese RIME" (beta) input method
  • Added "Auto-login" feature to allow booting into the desktop passwordlessly. Note:
    • Only supported under "local account"
    • If you wish to utilise this feature, the overall system security will be severely impacted, just so you know
  • Added a button on the bottom-right system menu to manually toggle between "desktop mode" / "tablet mode" and "default mode". Note:
    • If you wish to use this feature, you need to enable it under "FydeOS settings"
  • Added nano editor for both chronos and root user in shell (happy days, vim haters 🤪)

In the meantime, we have also fixed the following issues:

  • "CoolApk" store will no longer be shipped pre-installed with the Android subsystem. Instead it will be automatically installed upon first boot. If you don't like it, you are now able to remove it
  • Fixed CPU temperature isn't displayed properly under the Diagnostics tool on some devices

We hope you will like the new features introduced in this release. Do let us know your thoughts please, via our or our .

FydeOS v13 SP1 is a maintenance release to address some issues for FydeOS v13, specifically:

  • Fixed issues causing unable to delete local account
  • Fixed issues causing performance problems with FydeDrop
  • Fixed issues causing display glitches when searching in the Settings app
  • Fixed issues causing the payment window could not be invoked when purchasing FydeOS for You subscription

Thank you for the long wait for FydeOS v13!

Here are the highlights for this milestone update:

  • Chromium is updated to 92.0.4515.* with Chromium OS platform updated to 13982.75.13.*:
    • Added enhancements for the input tools under tablet mode
    • Added "Diagnostic tool"
    • Further optimised app management capabilities for virtual desktops
  • Added support for local account

In the meantime, we have also fixed the following annoying known issues:

  • Fixed Bluetooth connectivity and performance issues on some devices
  • Fixed DRM content playback issues on some devices
  • Fixed issues causing audio output volume too low on some devices

There are still, however, some known glitches for FydeOS for You on Microsoft Surface hardware, the following features are not currently supported:

  • camera
  • system hibernation
  • login using PIN after reboot

We believe FydeOS will eventually become a prominent platform, all the digital tasks you ever need to accomplish could be done nicely and effectively with FydeOS. A thousand miles begins with a single step, we hope to see you with our every other steps in the future.