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A Tale of Two Tablets

Nov 30, 2022

About Chromebooks

FydeOS vs ChromeOS Flex: Which is right for you?

Feb 24, 2023

Xda Developers

FydeOS is a Chrome OS fork aimed at China, and it brings Android app support

OCT 6, 2018

Caixin Gloabl

New Device’s OS Shows How China’s Tech Firms Guard Against Foreign Sanctions

Jan 06, 2023


Meet Flint OS, a Chromium OS Fork for Raspberry Pi & PCs That Runs Android Apps

Feb 22, 2017


FydeOS, a Tweaked Chromium OS for Chrome OS Fans, Hits the Raspberry Pi 400, Raspberry Pi 4 Range

Jan 18, 2021


Budget-oriented Fydetab Duo convertible with ARM-based processor

Oct 07, 2022

Tech Node

FlintOS won 4th place in the startup competition.

Nov 29, 2017