This guide is for FydeOS users who meet the following two conditions at the same time

  • FydeOS has been upgraded via OTA
  • Successfully started Linux (beta)

For some technical reasons, FydeOS's current OTA upgrade package does not contain the virtual machine image file required for Linux (beta). If you have successfully upgraded the FydeOS system itself via OTA, you can use the following tutorial to check if there is an update for Linux (beta) and manually update it.

#1. Check for updates

  • Enter
  • Type instructions
cat /mnt/stateful_partition/dev_image/tatl-fydeos/lsb-release
  • Find the two values ​​of CHROMEOS_RELEASE_VERSION and CHROMEOS_RELEASE_DESCRIPTION in the output given by the system, and compare the corresponding values ​​of the current FydeOS
  • Detailed system version information of FydeOS can be viewed in "About FydeOS" - "Detailed Version Information"
  • If it is found that the version number output by the above command is significantly lower than the system version number of FydeOS, it means that there may be a newer version.

#2. Get the update package

The latest version of the FydeOS Linux (beta) virtual machine image file is located at:

You can obtain the update package and move it to the appropriate location by:

  • Download via wget directly in the shell
cd /mnt/stateful_partition/dev_image/
  • Download the file through any file download acceleration program and then move it to the appropriate location through the command line tool
cd /path/to/dir/contains/tatl-fydeos.tar.gz/
mv tatl-fydeos.tar.gz /mnt/stateful_partition/dev_image/

#3. Manual upgrade

  • Close all currently running Linux (beta) programs

  • Open a new Crosh Shell (type Ctrl + Alt + t in the browser at the same time and type vmc stop termina

  • Execute the following commands in Bash Shell

sudo su -
cd /mntd/stateful_partition/dev_image/ #Switch to the working directory
mv tatl-fydeos tatl-fydeos.bak         #Back up the current virtual machine directory
tar -zxvf tatl-fydeos.tar.gz           #Unzip the downloaded file package
cat tatl-fydeos/lsb-release            #Check the system version number and compare the previous version number to confirm the upgrade
reboot                                 #Restart after confirmation

#4. Follow-up

After the system restarts successfully, you can re-run the Terminal program and other Linux (beta) programs as usual. If it fails, you can undo the upgrade operation in step 3:

sudo su -
cd /mnt/stateful_partition/dev_image/ #Switch to the working directory
rm -rf tatl-fydeos                    #Delete the virtual machine image in question
mv tatl-fydeos.bak tatl-fydeos        #Restore backup
reboot                                #Restart