From FydeOS v18 (Prosperous Aftermath) onwards, FydeOS will automatically disable developer mode as the default setting. Consequently, new features previously accessible will not be automatically available to users. Those who have upgraded from v17 or earlier via OTA will remain in developer mode. However, fresh installations of FydeOS v18 will necessitate the manual switching to developer mode to access these features.

Specifically, the following features require developer mode to be enabled:

  • Sideloading .apk packages to the Android subsystem
  • Accessing the “bash shell” from Crosh
  • Accessing the VT-2 command prompt
  • Sudo privilege in the bash shell
  • Root file system write permission: mount and remount `/` as writeable
  • SSH access to the FydeOS device

If you wish to utilise any of the above features in your FydeOS device, you need to switch your FydeOS installation to “developer mode”.