The energy and effort required to release and maintain FydeOS for You, which is individually optimised for different devices, is significantly higher than maintaining FydeOS for PC; the full FydeOS experience also requires a range of cloud services, which are not cheap to maintain.

We want to bring you the best FydeOS experience possible; this means we are not interested in inserting ads, reselling your privacy or any other inelegant means of monetisation.

At the same time, we believe that ‘donations’ are a less controllable and less than fair way of generating income. For the FydeOS for You product and its simple usage scenario, paying for a subscription in exchange for value-added services is definitely the most straightforward and by far the most fair way.

We hope that FydeOS for You will be of help to you, and if you approve of FydeOS, please consider paying for the FydeOS subscription plan.