Due to the diversity of device hardware, FydeOS installation may face various issues, and accurately identifying the issues for each device can be challenging.

This article will introduce some common solutions to help you avoid or solve problems when installing FydeOS.

Common solutions for installation failure:

  • Re-execute the installation operation
    If you encounter problems during the installation process, the easiest solution may be to re-execute the installation operation.
  • Replace the high-speed USB drive
    Sometimes, using a low-speed USB drive can cause errors during the installation process. Therefore, it is recommended to use a high-speed USB drive.
  • Convert MBR disk to GPT disk
    In some cases, converting the partition table type from MBR to GPT can solve problems during the installation process. You can use the conversion method recommended by Microsoft or use DiskGenius to convert the partition table type.
  • Enable AHCI mode
    Enter the BIOS settings interface. Find the SATA Configuration related option and set it to AHCI mode. Please note that different motherboard manufacturers will have different BIOS interfaces and options. Here are some reference demonstrations: