Enable 'Remember password' feature - KerberosRememberPasswordEnabled

Category: Kerberos

Controls whether the 'Remember password' feature is enabled in the Kerberos authentication dialog. Passwords are stored encryped on disk, only accessible to the Kerberos system daemon and during a user session.

If this policy is enabled or not set, users can decide whether Kerberos passwords are remembered, so that they do not have to be entered again. Kerberos tickets are automatically fetched unless additional authentication is required (two-factor authentication).

If this policy is disabled, passwords are never remembered and all previously stored passwords are removed. Users have to enter their password every time they need to authenticate with the Kerberos system. Depending on server settings, this usually happens between every 8 hours to several months.

Data Type:


Supported features:

  • Dynamic Policy Refresh: True
  • Per Profile: False

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