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Unless the RestoreOnStartup policy is set to permanently restore URLs from previous sessions, then setting CookiesSessionOnlyForUrls lets you make a list of URL patterns that specify sites that can and can't set cookies for one session.

Leaving the policy unset results in the use of DefaultCookiesSetting for all sites, if it's set. If not, the user's personal setting applies. URLs not covered by the patterns specified also result in the use of defaults.

If Chromium is running in Background mode, the session might stay active until the user exits the browser, not just closes the last window. See BackgroundModeEnabled for details about configuring this behavior.

While no specific policy takes precedence, see CookiesBlockedForUrls and CookiesAllowedForUrls. URL patterns among these 3 policies must not conflict.

  • 1 = Allow all sites to set local data
  • 2 = Do not allow any site to set local data
  • 4 = Keep cookies for the duration of the session

Data Type:


Supported features:

  • Dynamic Policy Refresh: True
  • Per Profile: True

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