Overview: Managing FydeOS device policies

This page is for administrators who manage FydeOS devices for a business or school.

As a FydeOS Enterprise admin, you can manage policies and settings for FydeOS devices and other devices that run FydeOS from the cloud-based FydeOS Admin console.

Setting device-level policies

On the Device settings page, you can set policies that apply to anyone who uses a managed FydeOS device, even if they sign in as a guest or with a personal FydeOS account.

  • Force-enroll the FydeOS devices that you want to manage
  • Control who uses devices, for example, by blocking guest mode
  • Use a device as a purpose-built kiosk app
  • Manage FydeOS device updates

For details, see Set FydeOS device policies.

Setting user-level (FydeOS profile) policies

On the User & browser settings page, set policies that apply when users sign in to their managed FydeOS Account on any FydeOS device.

For details, see Set FydeOS policies for users or browsers.