You can use Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for a fast web experience on FydeOS. You can install the PWA for faster access and additional functionality.

#Install a PWA

  1. Open Chromium.
  2. Go to a website you want to install.
  3. At the top right of the address bar, click Install img.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the PWA.

Tip: Some apps offer shortcuts to features. To find a list of app shortcuts on a Windows computer, right-click the PWA on the dock.

#Uninstall a PWA

  1. In your launcher, right click on the PWA's icon.

  2. Select Uninstall.

  3. To clear data, choose Clear data.

    • Important: This will clear all data from the corresponding website as well, so you'll need to sign in again the next time you visit the site.
  4. Select Remove.