You can use most refreshable braille displays with your FydeOS device.

#Set up your braille device

You can set up your braille device by plugging it in or pairing with Bluetooth.

  • Plug in: Plug your braille device into a USB port on your FydeOS device. After a few seconds, your FydeOS device automatically detects the device, and turns on ChromeVox if it’s not already on.
  • Pair with Bluetooth: To set up Bluetooth with Chromevox, press ❖/⌘ + o + o. Follow the on-screen instructions. .

#Change settings

#Switch between 6-dot (literary) & 8-dot (computer) braille

ChromeVox automatically chooses a type of braille based on your FydeOS device’s language setting, but you can change the type.

  1. Press ❖/⌘ + o + o.
  2. Press and hold ❖/⌘.
  3. Press the right arrow key until you hear "Switch to 6-dot braille" or "Switch to 8-dot braille."
  4. Press Enter.
  5. You’ll hear your braille language, and sometimes also your grade level. To change it, press Enter, then use the arrow keys to move through the list. When you hear the option you want, press Enter.
  6. To close, press Ctrl + w.

Tip: Use 8-dot braille to enter text if:

  • You’re using uncontracted braille, and your cursor is inside a word
  • You’re entering text into a web form, like your email address or phone number

#Turn captions on or off

When ChromeVox is on, speech captions are on automatically. To turn braille captions on or off, press ❖/⌘ + a + b.

#Change how captions and braille show

  1. Press ❖/⌘ + o + o.
  2. Press and hold ❖/⌘.
  3. Press the right arrow key until you hear "Current display style is interleave" or "Current display style is side by side."
    • To show captions first, then braille, press the right arrow key until you hear "Change display style to side by side." Then press Enter.
    • To alternate captions and braille, press the right arrow key until you hear "Change display style to interleave." Then press Enter.
  4. To close, press Ctrl + w.

#Change number of rows or columns in captions

  1. Press ❖/⌘ + o + o.
  2. Press and hold ❖/⌘.
  3. Press the right arrow key until you hear "Virtual braille display."
  4. Enter the number of rows and columns you’d like to show.
  5. To close, press Ctrl + w.

#Turn word wrapping on or off

If a word doesn’t fit on your refreshable braille display, word wrapping moves the word to the next line. To turn word wrapping on or off:

  1. Press ❖/⌘ + o + o.
  2. Press and hold ❖/⌘.
  3. Press the right arrow key until you hear "Enable word wrap."
  4. Check or uncheck the box.
  5. To close, press Ctrl + w.

#Use commands on your braille keyboard

#To see braille commands:

  1. To turn on braille captions, press ❖/⌘ + a + b.
  2. To open the screen reader (ChromeVox) menu, press ❖/⌘ + . (period).
  3. You’ll see braille keyboard commands, as well as keyboard shortcuts and jump commands for your physical keyboard.

#Move around a page

Jump to the bottom of the pageSpace img + dots 4-5-6
Jump to the top of the pageSpace img + dots 1-2-3
Next buttonSpace img + dots 1-2
Next characterSpace img + dot 6
Next editable text areaSpace img + dots 1-5
Next form fieldSpace img + dots 1-2-4
Next groupSpace img + dots 5-6
Next headingSpace img + dots 1-2-5
Next linkSpace img + dots 4-5
Next objectSpace img + dot 4
Next tableSpace img + dots 2-3-4-5
Next wordSpace img + dot 5
Previous buttonSpace img + dots 1-2-7
Previous characterSpace img + dot 3
Previous editable text areaSpace img + dots 1-5-7
Previous form fieldSpace img + dots 1-2-4-7
Previous groupSpace img + dots 2-3
Previous headingSpace img + dots 1-2-5-7
Previous linkSpace img + dots 4-5-7
Previous objectSpace img + dot 1
Previous tableSpace img + dots 2-3-4-5-7
Previous wordSpace img + dot 2
Quiet/unquietSpace img + 1-2-3-4-5

#Type an email address

If you’re using U.S. English, you can type the @ sign by pressing dots 4-7 together.

Note: When you type in an email or URL text field, your braille device will use 8-dot (computer) braille automatically.

#Use traditional keyboard shortcuts

You can enter keyboard shortcuts with your braille device by entering a sequence of dots that mimic some keys on your keyboard.

CtrlSpace img + dots 2-5
AltSpace img + dots 3-6
ShiftSpace img + dots 3-7
Ctrl + ShiftSpace img + dots 2-5-7
Alt + ShiftSpace img + dots 3-6-7
BackspaceSpace img + dot 7
TabSpace img + dots 3-5
EscapeSpace img + dots 1-3-5-6
EnterSpace img + dots 4-6

#All other shortcuts

Click current itemSpace img + dot 8
Open context menuSpace img + dots 1-3-4
Start/end selectionSpace img + dots 2-3-4
Find in pageSpace img + dots 3-4
Complete description of current positionSpace img + dots 1-4
Open ChromeVox menusSpace img + dots 1-4-5-6
Open the status area (where your account photo is)Space img + dots 3-6-7, then dots 2-3-4

#Troubleshoot problems with your braille device

#My braille device isn’t working

Try these steps on the device:

  • Make sure USB support is turned on.
  • If you’re using a braille notetaker, make sure it’s in terminal mode.
  • Check for and apply any firmware updates.
  • Try using a different emulation mode or protocol.
  • Try using your braille device with a different computer and operating system, like a Mac or PC. If it works with the second computer but not your FydeOS device, try using a different braille device with your FydeOS device.
  • Reset your braille device to factory settings. Caution: This step will erase all settings on the device, so make sure you save important information first.

For more info, check the device’s manual or contact the manufacturer.

#ChromeVox doesn’t turn on automatically

If you plug in a braille device and ChromeVox doesn’t turn on automatically:

  • Unplug the braille device, then plug it back in.
  • Turn on ChromeVox by pressing Ctrl + Alt + z.