Last edit: 06 May 2022

#Additional update

FydeOS for You - Chromebook Pixel 2013 has been officially EOL'd in early 2022, with the last supported version of FydeOS for You for Chromebook Pixel 2013 slated for v14.0.

This means that:

  • There will be no further updates to FydeOS for You - Chromebook Pixel 2013
  • Help for Chromebook Pixel 2013 device-related issues in the official community and support channels will be reduced or even disappear.
  • This device is ancient, especially the vulnerable components such as the battery, BIOS, RAM and flash memory. Due to the age of the device, unforeseen problems can be encountered from time to time.
  • Grab yourself a new kit; you are doing yourself a favour.


The Chromebook Pixel 2013 is currently in End-of-Life status. The last official Chrome OS version available on the device is 69, with no Android or Linux subsystem support.

FydeOS for You - Chromebook Pixel 2013 offers a new option for this device, providing a new version of Chromium that follows the upstream project and full support for ancillary features, including the Android and Linux subsystem.

It is important to note that the stock firmware for the Chromebook Pixel 2013 is pretty outdated and thus does not support the hardware virtualisation interface required for the Linux subsystem. If you wish to enable it in FydeOS for You - Chromebook Pixel 2013, you will need to flash a third-party firmware provided by for this device.

This tutorial will show you how to flash MrChromebox firmware for Chromebook Pixel 2013 that carries the stock firmware.

Attention! Writing firmware could be dangerous! Although the FydeOS team has tested this tutorial, but there is still a chance that it might fail. Should this happens, the device might not boot up, and data may be lost permanently. Fyde Innovations cannot be held responsible for the potential risks. Please think twice before proceeding, as all following actions will be at your own risk.

Attention! You will not be able to boot the Chrome OS, and all data saved on the system will be completely lost after the procedure. Please back up everything and be prepared to install a new system before doing so.

#Hardware requirements

  • Chromebook Pixel 2013 with factory Chrome OS
  • A USB storage device with 8GB or more (for installing FydeOS for You Chromebook Pixel 2013)
  • A USB storage device (for backup of stock firmware)

#Switch your Chromebook Pixel 2013 into developer mode

  1. Back up the data you need and say farewell to your old Chrome OS.
  2. Press Esc + + Power keys on the keyboard simultaneously, and the system will reboot and switch to "System Recovery" mode, and a yellow exclamation mark will appear on the screen.
  3. Press the keyboard ctrl + d keys; the system will then display a warning message that it is about to switch to "Developer Mode" press the keyboard to enter the key to confirm, and the system will restart immediately.
  4. After rebooting, the system will display a warning message that it is currently in "Developer Mode" with a red exclamation mark icon. You will need to press ctrl + d on your keyboard simultaneously to skip the warning before starting the system.
  5. After the system boots, press ctrl + alt + t with the Chromium browser to open the Crosh command line page. If the prompt shows a green chronos@localhost / $, then the developer mode is successfully enabled, and you have successfully entered the command line session, as shown below.


#Remove the firmware write protection screw on Chromebook Pixel 2013

If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to this .

#Run the script

  1. Ensure the Internet is connected, and under the previously opened command line session, copy and paste the following command:

    cd; curl -LO && sudo bash


  1. Ensure Fw WP is disabled in the above menu prompt; otherwise, the firmware flash will fail.

  2. Select "Install/Update UEFI (Full ROM) Firmware": Type in the corresponding option number and press Enter to confirm.

  3. Type y to confirm the two risk prompts.

  4. The script will then give a prompt to back up the stock firmware, and it is highly recommended to follow it here. If you do not want to back up, type n to skip it.

  5. The script starts downloading and automatically executes the firmware flashing process, which usually takes about 90 seconds. A green success prompt will be displayed after a successful flash. Press enter to return to the main menu and reboot the system.

  6. If there is any error during the process that interrupts the process, **do not disconnect the power or reboot the device. Otherwise, it may become a brick. **Please retry the operation from step 1. If the error persists, please get in touch with MrChromebox for help.

  7. After a successful reboot, you will see a Coreboot logo that looks like 🐇. At this point, the system with the new firmware will not load the previous Chrome OS and will be stuck looking for a supported OS, which is normal.

#Install FydeOS for You - Chromebook Pixel 2013

  1. Download the latest version of FydeOS for You - Chromebook Pixel 2013 and burn it to the USB you prepared.

  2. Insert the USB into your Chromebook Pixel 2013 flashed with MrChromebox firmware and reboot.

  3. Press the ESC when the 🐇 logo appears to bring up the boot menu and select Boot from USB storage.

  4. Go to the USB-booted FydeOS and execute the Installer app to complete the installation of FydeOS.